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Quality Assurance


Capstone Corporation's primary business involves providing solutions and services to a number of different clients and organizations. Our company personnel adhere first and foremost to the standards of the professions to which they belong and our customer organizations' Quality Control processes and procedures. For example, Department of Defense ( DoD) contracts will mandate our compliance with the customer organizations' QC Program where the actual Engineering, Operation, Testing and Evaluation of components is concerned, such as the Department of the Navy's SeaPort-e requirements for Quality Assurance. Information Technology and Professional Services Management professions have similar—often extensive—professional and industry-driven performance and quality assurance standards.

The SeaPort-e Quality Control Plan (QCP) was established, documented, implemented and is maintained to address the Corporate Management's process and method of ensuring customer satisfaction with the quality of services being provided. The QCP ensures necessary procedures and instructions are in place as a documented part of the process.

This document defines the QCP, policy, objectives, organization, responsibilities and procedures used to ensure the effective planning, operation and control of processes affecting the quality, reliability and safety of our services. Quality improvements expected to increase the effectiveness of the QCP and satisfy business needs are derived from measuring and monitoring of QCP processes. Information from the analysis of QCP records is included in on-going planning at appropriate intervals during each calendar year to ensure QCP processes achieve planned results.

A copy of the complete plan is available upon request. Please contact John McCann, Contracts Manager: jmccann@capstonecorp.com.