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William J. Moore, III

Position Chairman and Founder

William J. Moore, III is the Chairman and Founder of Capstone Corporation, based in Alexandria, Virginia. Capstone provides information, training, and management solutions and services to the United States Federal government. The work is performed in over 20 states and multiple overseas locations.

Mr. Moore established Capstone Corporation in 1986 in response to a Department of the Navy request for part-time Information Technology consulting services. By 1986, the demand for Capstone services grew large enough to justify incorporation in the State of Virginia. In his role as Chairman Mr. Moore actively provides strategic guidance to the corporation.

Mr. Moore was born and raised in New York and subsequently attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Berkley College of Music. He spent eight years as a computer systems analyst and designer for commercial companies in the Boston area. Mr. Moore moved to Washington, D.C. in 1983 and worked for several years as an information technology specialist supporting the banking and government contracting industries. He also consulted for private firms supporting government projects.